Seeing the golden arches as a kid would give me crazy levels of dopamine. To this day when I drive past it always gives me some sort of good memory from my childhood. 

The excitement of getting a happy meal toy was up there with Christmas morning. 

Recently I walked down a street and saw a maccies fries box on the floor and straight away tried to imagine the story of whoever ate them. I went in and got some for myself. I then came up with the idea of reusing things as my canvas, who said that art has to be a set thing? why should i have to paint a canvas all the time.


What positive effect will it have on the environment if we just reuse things as much as we can?


I'm taking what most would see as trash and making it live forever. 


Each piece hand painted and signed by artist Mason Newman 



"I didn't want to launch prints of my work at this stage. I like the concept of keeping everything limited. True 1 of 1's.

I went out and bought a bunch of one dollar bills. My thought while doing this was the amount of stories each dollar bill will hold. What it's seen, who's hand has it been in? Who snorted through it? Who used it as their last dollar to feed their child? what panties have they been in? what strip club floor has it been on? who had it as their last dollar? 

Each bill has a hidden story and life that i've added to."

Each dollar bill is hand painted and signed by artist Mason Newman.



"Over the years i've had many many artists make a mark on my mind and influence me consciously or sub-consciously - i realised most of them are dead.

I always had an obsession as a kid with newspaper headlines. I'd cut out headlines and stick them on my bedroom wall to make a sort of collage. I remember having a print out of the titanic sinking headline on my wall. 

Things I create now as an adult always seem to weirdly track back and extend my childhood thoughts. 

I decided to paint some of my favourite artists in the style of "gyal" but with the iconic sad headline that we all know."

All works hadn painted 



After the launch of "WoundedGyal" Mason decided to work on and launch a 3 piece series exploring and presenting the idea of the character "Gyal"

Gyal is all colours, all shapes and sizes, gyal can be anyone and anyone can be gyal. We are all Gyal.

Gyal has become a centrepiece of Mason's work.



" WoundedGyal was the first thing I showcased of my work online. After spending the last couple years painting and creating works privately this was the announcement series. I'm an artist now. 

After I decided to stop working on the label and designing clothes for them this was the i'm done with that and this is me now. Each gyal piece is wounded with a gunshot or more. This is how i felt during the time period feeling like i'd lost what i'd been building for so many years. Wounded. Shot"

Each piece is hand painted, dated and signed by the artist Mason Newman.